I am in Love with this Throw ❤

It took me a long time to find this Pattern. I had my eye on it for a while.  I've seen it called by other names.  It is Really called the Yuletide Throw.....It is from an Old Crochet Book from Leisure Arts and is out of Print.  So I have tried to get the Pattern electronically but No go ☹  So One day while at our Crochet Club one of the ladies brought in a Crochet Book that GUESS WHAT??? :) Yes, it had this Throw included so I asked if she could print it for me! She did ♥ 

The Pattern is a simple repeat of a ripple stitch that is 2 DC (Double Crochet) and 2 Chain Stitch Repeats with a Shell (2 DC, 2 Chains, 2 DC) in the Point of the Ripple and  a Decrease or Gather (skip) in the bottom of the Ripple.  The "Effect" as I call it, and the simple beauty of this Pattern is achieved by a Long Double Crochet on your Second Row and Throughout, that goes Below the Chain 2 Space repeat and between the 2 DC's of the Previous Row.  Simple But Elegant!  

Color Selections are Endless! Any Color Gradient, or Not, Looks Soooo Cool ! :)

Yarn:  I am using what I had on hand which is a combination of Red Heart Super Saver and the Walmart Yarn Mainstays shown in the Photo. It has the Best Drape! And So Soft!  

Hook:  5.5 mm

Happy Hooking! ❤